Petroleum Lightning Protection

Petroleum Lightning Protection

Lightning Protection International are specialist experts in the design, supply, installation and maintenance of petroleum lightning protection and earthing systems.

We prevent the damaging effects of lightning strikes in an industry where there is no room for error. Petroleum companies demand the highest levels of protection in order to prevent incidents.

The metal structures supporting petroleum facilities increase the likelihood of attracting lighting. This is an added risk for equipment that provides services to the general public.

Our principal objective is to guarantee personal safety and protect the environment. Lightning Protection International protects businesses in which highly inflammable materials are used, in order to prevent incidents that could have serious consequences, including health and safety. It can also help prevent knock on effects such as contamination.

The direct and indirect effects of lightning strikes and other transients can threaten the smooth operation of these petroleum facilities and systems. Their large surface area, location or design as well as the use of modern measuring and control equipment bear substantial risk potentials.

The costs for preventive lightning protection and surge protection measures, however, are out of all proportion compared with maintenance costs resulting from damage, for instance in an electronic control system. Moreover, failure, e.g. of a pumping station in a crude oil pipeline, will result in high costs.

Lightning Protection Internationals experience over decades in lightning protection for process plants and professional solutions allow to considerably reduce lightning damage – among other things to insulating flanges, cathodic protection systems (cathodic corrosion protection) and control rooms. Downtime and the associated production standstill as a result of lightning-related surge damage can thus be reduced.

Lightning Protection International offers a comprehensive portfolio of proven products and customised protection concepts. In addition, we simulate the parameters of lightning effects in our highly specialised laboratories. This allows us to test and analyse equipment and systems to assess their safety against effects caused by lightning – under supervision of official authorities.

Lightning strikes the ground throughout the world 100 times every second. It is one of nature’s most destructive elements. A single lightning bolt can carry up to 1 billion volts of energy and can reach temperatures of 28,000°C. Our lightning protection and earthing systems will prevent potential damage that can be caused by lightning strikes.

Lightning Protection systems are designed to give this energy a safe and low impedance path to earth.

There are three parts to a structural Petroleum Lightning Protection System:

  1. Air Termination Network – The purpose of the air termination network is to capture the lightning current and dissipate it safely to earth. This prevents or greatly reduces any physical damage to the structure.
  2. Down Conductors – These should take the shortest practical route from the air termination network to the earth termination system. The lightning current is shared equally between the down conductors. Therefore, the greater the number of down conductors, the less current flowing down each one. We optimise the number of down conductors used on every project we undertake.
  3. Earth Termination Network – This disperses the current safely and efficiently into the ground. The current European Standard EN 62305:2011 states that an overall resistance of 10 ohms or less is required to achieve this.

It is important that lightning protection systems are correctly designed and installed by specialist engineers. Lightning Protection International will supply you with some of the best.

Our personnel have undergone intensive training with ATLAS (The Association of Technical Lightning and Access Specialists). We have also participated in additional training and seminars from our major suppliers.

We use only materials which have been tested and approved to EN 50164, and which are supplied to us by the world leaders in lightning protection and earthing materials.

Our dedication and commitment to excellence and safety in petroleum lightning protection and earthing systems is unsurpassed. We look forward to bringing our expertise to you.

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