Lightning Earthing Systems

Lightning Earthing Systems

Lightning Earthing Systems play a vital role in a coordinated lightning and surge protection system. They are responsible for safely dissipating currents to ground.

Lightning Protection International have extensive experience in the design, supply, installation and commissioning of quality Lightning Earthing Systems.

Lightning Protection International experts can:

  • Design earthing system solutions for an application
  • Install Low and High voltage earth farms
  • Install Generator Earths
  • Provide expert advice on the best materials to use in existing ground conditions
  • Supply and install all materials needed for installation
  • Carry out soil resistivity tests

During Lightning Protection International’s site surveys accurate soil resistivity readings are taken at various depths across the site to form the basis of the earthing system design to EN 62305 and EN 50552.

EN 62305 stipulates structures housing extensive electronic systems such as Data Centers, be provided with a Type B Electrical Earthing arrangement.

A Type B Electrical Earthing arrangement compromises a ring electrode sited around the periphery of the structure, in contact with the soil for at least 80% of its total length, or a foundation earth electrode.

Types of earthing arrangements commonly used are:

  • Copper-bond earth electrodes
  • Copper lattice earth mats
  • Copper ring tapes
  • Soil enhancement agents
  • Deep driven bore holes
  • Sub station earthing

All of Lightning Protection International’s earthing works comply with EN 62305 and BS 7430.

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