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Lightning Protection International are proud to be partners with Furse. We are experts in all aspects of lightning protection system design, installation, commissioning, and maintenance of Furse Lightning Protection solutions.

We work in partnership with Furse to ensure our client’s staff safety, reduce overall production downtime and ensure compliance to the latest European and Insurance standards.

Furse are a globally leading specialist in the field of lightning protection and provider of smart protection solutions.

Furse provides innovative, unique and smart protection solutions, services and expertise in the fields of surge and lightning protection and safety equipment.

Their lightning protection products provide solutions for:

Furse provide lightning protection and earthing solutions in the following industries:

Our expert team can assist you with the lightning protection system design, procurement and installation of all Furse lightning protection products.

For further information about Furse Lightning Protection, please call us on 01 459 4895 in Dublin or your nearest office.