Erico Lightning Protection

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Lightning Protection International are proud to be partners with ERICO. We are experts in all aspects of lightning protection system design, installation, commissioning, and maintenance of ERICO Lightning Protection solutions.

We work in partnership with ERICO to ensure our client’s staff safety, reduce overall production downtime and ensure compliance to the latest European and Insurance standards.

Lightning causes major problems for companies, including damaging buildings and critical equipment. ERICO has three main systems to protect facilities, based around their Six Point Protection Plan.

These three lightning protection systems are:

NVENT ERICO SYSTEM 1000ESE Standard System
The nVent ERICO SI Series encompasses three air terminal models and accessories that are designed to comply with the requirements of the French NF C 17-102 Standard.

NVENT ERICO SYSTEM 2000Conventional Protection
The nVent ERICO System 2000 includes an engineered series of air terminals, downconductors and fittings in accordance with European IEC 62305 and USA UL 96 and NFPA 780 Standards.

NVENT ERICO SYSTEM 3000Enhanced Protection System
The nVent ERICO System 3000 is a technically advanced lightning protection system. The unique features of this system allow optimum performance, flexibility of design, and overall cost-effective installation.

Our expert team can assist you with the lightning protection system design, procurement and installation of all ERICO lightning protection products.

For further information about ERICO, please call us on 01 459 4895 in Dublin or your nearest office,